Game Of Nords

Crush some skulls and pillage your neighbors.

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Game Of Nords - Online Browser Game

In Game Of Nords there are currently four main characters : Berserker, Ulfhednar, Seer and Jarl. Train a bit and get dirty as soon as possible! There are so many bodies that will not dismantle on their own. 

Here's a list of various activities that you can perform to improve your well being and wealth:
  • Items
  • Tame and Train Beasts : Horses and Dragons, but soon who knows what else.
  • Build Properties - From a small tavern to I'm shocked by the purpose of that building, you can make a fortune.
  • Fight against other players. Obviously... here's where you get the respect, the fame, the gold or you don't.
  • Race against other players. Get a mount, a dragon and earn respect! It's kind off funny that sometimes an old, crippled cunt can outmatch a scary looking dragon, but it is what it is.
  • Train your character. Muscles can always be handy if you have to or just want to split some skulls. Fortunately,  we have the right training programs like skull crushing with bare hands, blindfolded knife fighting and few more, also very friendly oriented activities.
  • Go to school? Doing that doesn't sound to be something for a furious warrior, but if you decide to become a Seer, their madness and evilness for some reason increase by studying human anatomy and other weird scientific and not so scientific subjects.
  • Get a job.. something like part-time executioner or torturer?
  • Advance with levels to become more powerful, on the top of the ranks and closer to the gods!

Online Players: < 100 Total Players: 115 Best Player: Urdumdor Newest Player: Mordi Total Fights: 419 Total Races: 131 Mounts & Dragons: 13

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